Village Store Procedures


You must be an ACTIVE member to sell in the Village Store.

  • Active members are allowed to sell i the new year, but must have qualifications completed for that year by April 1st.
  • Club Store Number is 5.  Receive personal code letter(s) from the Membership Committee and also category listing.
  • Fill out Village Store Consignment Form completely in numerical order.  Retain the last copy (yellow) for your records.
  • Securely attach a tag to each item (see sample below).  Tags are available in the Club room.  If you need help, Quality Control will be glad to assist you.

Front     5-AB-1                         10/1/19     Back

  • Maximum of five (5) identical items in store at one time, unless otherwise advised.  Number of items in the store at one time will be at the discretion of the Village Store Manager and Club officers.
  • Items may remain in the store for six (6) months, then removed.  Item may not be resubmitted to the store for six (6) months.  Same item may not be submitted to the store more than twice.
  • Minimum price of item(s) is $3.00.  Increase in increments of .50 cents.
  • Recreation Center receives 16% and the Encore Needle & Crafts Club receives 5%.
  • Before submitting for approval, each item must be entered by you on the sheet assigned to you for Club records in the Quality Control Notebook.
  • Quality Control will review and approve items Friday mornings from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m at the Club unless otherwise specified.  On Business Meeting days, the time will change to 7:45 a.m. to 8:45 a.m.  NOTE:  Any problems not able to be handled by Quality Control will be resolved by the Executive Board and NOT the Village Store Manager.
  • DO NOT remove any item from the Village Store unless you clear it with the Store Manager.