PORA’s Del Sol Arts and Craft Gallery

At this time you can come in to complete the necessary forms for selling your crafts.  This will include contracts and other necessary paperwork and issue a Seller # and needs to be on the consignment form and tags.    The Gallery will begin accepting items on 9/27/2021, but sales may not begin until November.  Below you will find what day the Gallery is accepting what type of crafts.  They will also issue you the correct tags for your items.

The consignment form will need to specific about the description of your item (color, features, size, etc.).

Minimum price of each item will be $3.00 with $.50 increments.

The Gallery will charge a 25% consignment fee and Sales Tax will not be subtracted from your 75%.

Bring your items to PORA’s Gallery between 9:30AM – 12:00PM on the day your items will be accepted.  

Only 5 items per week for each seller will be accepted.  After 4 months, if the items have not sold, they will be pulled from the floor and notified.  You will be allowed to put this piece back in the Gallery one more time after a 3 month waiting period.

MONDAY – Jewelry, Metal

TUESDAY – All Papercrafts, Wood, all Art

WEDNESDAY – Fabric Crafts, Photography, Leather

THURSDAY – Glass Arts, Baskets, Weavers, Misc.

FRIDAY – All Pottery, Needlecrafts, Silk Flowers, Misc.

If you have mixed items, i.e. Pottery and Wood. You can bring all items at one time that fits that day.


Sellers will be required to work one shift a month.  The hours for the morning shift are 9-12:15 and 12 -3:15 for the afternoon shift. There will be a calendar in the office for you to sign up.

Monthly Sales will be reconciled at the end of each month and you will be issued a check from PORA 2 weeks after the month ends which will include an itemized statement of your items sold.

IRS and 1099 Forms will be issued to you if you have sold over $600 in a calendar year.  This information will also be sent to the IRS.