Photo Gallery

Club Pictures through the Years

2020 Officers:  Terri Carneiro,Nona Johnson, Linda Drabik, Bonnie Putze


Joan Donar and Monica Johnson are helping our Craft Fair shoppers at this November 2019 fair.  All items for sale are made by Encore members. We have items that have been knitted, crochet, sewed, and other items our creative members have made.

Recently the club made 20 lap quilts for Banner Thunderbird Hospital Juvenile Support Group.  These quilts are given to juveniles participating in the “CLIMB” project.  The youngsters are given these quilts, which are blue on one side, and have a happy pattern on the other side to show how they are feeling when coping with a family member’s cancer treatment.

From left to right on the front row are:  Lucille Hagger, Terri Carneiro, Cheryl Zimmerman, Julie Seeley, Maryanne Edens, Melanie Parker, and Joan Donar.

Back row, from Banner are:  Dottie Honsbeger, Susan Lee, an Dr, Patricia DeBruhl.

The club also donated 25 Turbans, 15 Chemo Caps which were made by several club members.

Dementia Blankets presented to Diane Walton for Hospice of the Valley.  These were made by Encore members Peggy Fagyal, , Christy Grimstad and Cheryl Zimmerman

Our Encore members Arlene Claytor,Cheryl Zimmerman,Renee Edinger, and Lucille Hager make fabulous caps to donate for cancer patients and for anyone who may need one and there is no cost for these.  We have a supply at the Club. Please see Melanie or Lucille if you have someone who needs one.


Our members crochet and knit these beautiful hats and blankets for newborns and are donated to Choice Pregnancy Center

These hats and scarfs are made in Red, White, and Blue for donations to the VA.  Club members generously donated their time and materials to make this possible

Our Club Members recycle greeting cards (Christmas and All Occasion) that have been donated. We take the fronts from used cards and create new cards.  We also get cards donated from Bob’s V &S Variety.  The cards are then delivered by Encore members to the Veteran’s Home to have the Veterans send to family, friends, etc.



AZ Veteran Home Tour by Stella Perez CTRS (recreation therapist) with Linda Swnson, Lucille Hager, Stella Perez,Ann Marie Fromm, and Bonnie Putze. The items given to the Veteran’s home were all made and donated by Encore members.

This tea bag holder was made by Nancy Pemberton.  It was made from scrap fabric and the saying can be changed to meet the occasion