Encore Needle and Craft Newsletter     April 2021

ENCORE: Encourage, Neighbors, Charities, Originality, Rewarding, Enjoyable.

OFFICERS:  Terri Carneiro: President, has her house on the market and may be moving soon, based on the fast-paced housing market.  So, we need an INTERIM PRESIDENT to fill out 2021.  There will be a nominating committee named to solicit officers for 2022, but if you are interested in serving please let your intentions be known, as soon as possible. 

MEMBERSHIP: Our Membership chairwoman has resigned due to a scheduling conflict.  If you are willing to fill out the year, please volunteer.  There are no dues for continuing members in 2021.  New membership is $5 and you need to show your current Recreation Card.

VILLAGE STORE: by now you are all aware of the store closing and Katie retiring.  Her position has not been filled.  Audits and tax questions are under review and new regulations will probably be forthcoming.  It’s unknown at this time how these issues will impact the semi-annual arts and crafts fairs or the reopening of the store.  As more information becomes available, it will be made available to members via email or at our weekly meetings.

DONATIONS: We’ve always done a great job of sharing our talents and making numerous items for donation.  Please keep working on your items, bring them to weekly meetings, or snowbirds, bring them with you when you return.


SUNSHINE:  As our club is returning to normal, please remember not to violate HIPAA regulations.  We can voluntarily share our personal information, but please don’t ask others specific information regarding vaccinations, etc. 


MEETING: Our weekly attendance is down significantly, and may continue that way for a period of time.  But, we will continue to meet weekly and have monthly business meetings on the last Friday of the month.  Coffee, regular and decaf, as well as tea are available each week.  Members may now bring food items to share.


MONITORS:  Since we’re open, we need volunteers to sign up for the monitor position each week.  Our room is rather re-arranged!  Sign-in and sign-up are at the small table adjacent to the windows.  You need to have your rec # to sign in.  Have your card handy, if you don’t have it memorized.  DON’T FORGET TO WEAR YOUR NAMETAG.


We wish our snowbirds safe travels.  Come back healthy with lots of items to donate!  Year-rounders: hope to see you each week, full of good cheer and good health.  Stay well everyone!

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