This club uses two (2) Monitors each week.  If you are scheduled and cannot monitor, please call Melanie at 623-584-0773 early enough for a substitute to be found, or find a substitute yourself from the Club Membership List.  If you have not received a recent list of club members via email, request a copy fro the Membership Chair

Monitors should pick up the key at the swimming pool/fitness area at Kuentz Rec Center at 7:15 AM.  Monitors should arrive no later than 7:05 AM.

Monitors will unlock rooms 4 & 5 and turn on the lights.  There is one key that opens all of the cabinets.  Under the window display in Cabinet 2, are the office supplies and sign in sheets.  Pull out sign in sheet, calendar, meeting treats calendar and Red Activites Book and place on front table.  Please put an M (for monitor) in the margin or sign in sheet by your name when you sign in, and please be sure to wear your Monitor Badges.

The recreation center provides the (2) coffee pots.  One is for Decaf, one for regular and the Club provides the small white one for hot water.  Instructions for coffee are listed on the inside cabinet door.  Set out all coffee supplies and also put metal drip pans under big pots.  It isn’t necessary to use coffee filters for the big pots, but it makes clean up easier and cleaner coffee.  Around 10:15 make a last call for coffee and turn off pots and return supplies to the assigned cabinet.  Clean up can start at 10:30 but not before.

At the end of the day (11:00) fill out the weekly participation report and sign your name.  If there is not a report on the clipboard behind the sign in sheet, look in the magazine holder for folder with forms.  The sign in sheet should be attached in back of the participation sheet and filed in the folder so marked.  At the end of each month the Monitor will collect the weekly reports, combine the figures on the monthly sheet and give them to a club officer

The Monitor Chairperson or an Officer will see that all cabinets are locked.  The courtyard doors will be locked and the key returned to the Kuentz Rec Office by one of the monitors.

See that the room is left in order with all chairs under tables, etc.  Remember to leave your Monitor Badges and thanks for monitoring!