Craft Fair Procedures



Qualifications from the previous year are allowed for the Spring Fair.  Qualifications must be met by the September Business Meeting in order to sell your items at the Fall Fair held in November. See below for qualifications.

Qualifications requirements

Attend one (1) business meeting on the last day of each month.  New members joining in June, July, or August to meet all other requirements EXCEPT attending Business Meeting.  Meeting requirement must be met for all other active members

Attend three (3) Friday sessions. You cannot just sign in and leave

At least two (2) or more of the following before September Business Meeting

   1.  Club Officers or Standing Committees

  2. Club Projects (as approved by executive board

  3.  Refreshments on meeting days or end o the month in June July and August

  4.  Village Store Volunteer (work in the store at RH Johnson) does not count as monitoring

  5.  Class or Workshop instructor










Deadline to sign up to enter is two (2) weeks before the event.  Quality Control for the Spring Fair will be handled by the Co-Chairpersons at the time of set up  Bring your items in the Quality Control check in October (dates to be assigned by Craft Chairperson).

Christmas ornaments and jewelry may be entered in unlimited quantities.  All other categories are limited.  PLEASE do not bring items you have entered in previous Fairs, we want fresh merchandise.

Your code letter(s) will be the one you were assigned for the Village Store sales.  All items must be tagged, printed with code letter, price and size (size goes on the back of tag).  Please print clearly.

All items should be a minimum of $3.00.  Increments of .50 cents will be allowed.  NO changing prices the day of the Fair.  See sample below for making or tags.  This way they can be used for subimtting to the Village Store if they do not sell at the Fair.

Front                                            Back
 Code Ltr                                        Size

Bring items in bags or boxes. Your name is to be on the bag/box.  You will be advised of the time and place by the Fair Committee.  Items will be delivered and put under the tables.  Items will be arranged by the set up committee only.  

**If you are helping to sell, please check with a member of the committee before changing where the items are placed. **