Encore Needle & Craft

Club History

Enjoy these historical tidbits from Lucille Hager, who has been a member since 1980…


Encore NeedleCrafts Club was chartered in March of 1980.

It has been asked why the name of “ENCORE”.  For years people asked the Del Webb Development Co., “After producing such a smash hit as Sun City, Arizona, America’s most famous resort-retirement community, what are you going to do for an “ENCORE”?  The answer was Sun City West, Arizona!

Phase One of the model homes was the Encore Collection.  The name of the Club was changed in the early 1980’s to Encore Needle & Craft Club.

Our first location was a small room which is now part of the R.H. Johnson Recreation Center.  When Kuentz Recreation Center was completed, we were assigned to that facility.  I believe that was in 1989 or 1990.

We started our Charity Projects in 1991.  We did Lap Robes, Walker Pockets, Ditty Bags, Bibs, etc.  We have added more items to our charities.  In 2003 we added the chemotherapy turbans.  We now have a variety of headwear that is requested by the Cancer Society, such as: Fun Fur Hats, Chemo Caps, Berets, etc.

Some of our charities organizations are American Cancer Society, Salvation Army, 3 Dysart Elementary Schools, Veterans Home/Hospital, Choice Pregnancy Center, Hospice of The Valley, Choice Rehabilitation Center and others.

We always furnish items such as cancer head wear for anyone in need for FREE.