Class and Workshop Procedures


All class or workshop participants must live in Sun City West and be a member of the Encore Needle and Crafts Club.  In order to participate in a class you must be an ACTIVE member.  Workshops DO NOT require being an active member.  (A workshop is when several people gather to work on Charity Projects or receive instructional ideas).

Scheduling will be by the  President or someone designated by the President.

Notice of class or workshop will be posted in the room and on the website calendar one (1) month in advance when possible.  The number of participants for each class will be determined by the class instructor.

Club members who give classes or workshops will receive no fee.  Their time will be counted as earned volunteer hours for the Club.

Events may be held from 8:00 am  to 1:00  PM each Friday.  Lunches and drinks may be brought into the Club room.

Class instructors will be responsible for removing plastic table covers, irons, pressing boards, or other miscellaneous equipment or supplies from the cupboards, or for other needed equipment.  Please return tables and chairs to a neat position.

The instructor is responsible for verifying that a participant is an ACTIVE member when applicable.

The instructor should have safety awareness.

The instructor will serve as monitor if regular monitor is not available.